Sunday, July 31

is this call love?

i suddenly think that, in this world most perfect person is my mum and dad. I had never really appreciate that i have a wonderful parents. There's no one else will ever love u like tis, there's no one will forgive u for ur BIG BIG mistake, there's no one will ever love u as u r the worst person in the world...except them.

Long long ago, i trusted my friends, i thought they understood me, but they're not.

But although my parents dont understand me, but at least they have an everlasting Love, that will sustain for the long time to come. I loveee u.

Saturday, July 30

Tuesday, July 19


1) 不做第三者,即使再喜欢;
2) 骗我可以,如果被我知道超过两次,请你有多远滚多远;
3) 如果你拿我不当回事,我会以同样方式对你;
4) 我可以装傻,但别以为我真傻;
5) 我可以容忍,但别超过我的底线;
6) 我不是没脾气,只是不轻易发脾气;
7) 任何真话,我都能接受

Oops! It is coming after me.

PMR trial ?!
violin exam?!
my scales are still... you know... XP

4th August ?!
Is coming after me?!

can't imagine that this year pass so fast.
one day by one day...
i sleep in the class...
i eat in the class..
i ponteng...

but firstly, i must overcome my violin exam first
and that's it!

Monday, July 18

A Clear Conscience Laughs At False Accusations




False appearance can never cover up facts.

Sunday, July 17

The Faker Appearance

Living life, i live for 15 years.
Having fun everyday, i thought everything will be ok till the day i dead.
But it's not.

Betraying. The ugliness of human heart, i saw it with my own eyes, i felt it with my broken heart.
I never told any people the reason i'm crying.
I told them i'm angry, but actually i'm not.
My heart is just continue to breaking and become a thousand pieces.

Everyone have their own mask, engrave it to become a exquisite mask that nobody will know it is a mask.
Wearing it everyday, smiling to you.
But one day, the mask is broken, the ugliness...
I just can't take over the fact... of betraying.
PMR is closer n closer, i just can't shut down my netbook, keep blogging, facebook-ing, n stressing :{
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