Saturday, March 31

A tired day with a tired heart with me to go through this tired life...

Hi, today is an exactly tired day which i couldn't even have a breathing space...............
And, did you see the bookmark there??? I made a lot for my friends, how kind am I!!! (just kidding xP)
I don't have even a minute to rest this couples of weeks........awwwwwwww, weekend also need to go to school, friday three tuition, morning, afternoon and night......saturday go to school to practice choral speaking and at night still have tuition class. And the most important is.... I don't even bother about the whole stack of homework that lying on my bed using their watering eyes staring at me facebook-ing....O-M-G!!!

 See how nice it turned out. hehe^^

 Spot the smiley face <3

I spend almost two days to do these bookmarks. Is it cute enough??? Do tell me which one you like the most, I'm so interested in knowing it.

My friends, hope you all will like it, and the smile on your face when you receive it is the most precious things in the world. love you <3 

By the way, I like the camera one the most...

xoxo, Hanna.

Thursday, March 22

Try something new ……

Hi there!!! Just want to share this pic, and something I learned from Red Porcupine (the author of The Estherics of Photography). Ermmmmm, I started to love shooting with backlight instead of direct sunlight, so that it looks like it has a glowing background. How gorgeous it is!!! But for sun flare, this is an epic fail T.T But it's okay, at least I learned something. I heard somebody said that the magic hour is one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset, so I tried to take some picture during these 'magic hour'. It works!!! I'm so happy about it^^
And here is another one.

Enjoy <3
xoxo, Hanna.

Wednesday, March 21

The Memory That Will Embedded in the Recesses of My Mind Forever...





The Estherics of Photography 红刺猬人像摄影美学

Hi, I promise to introduce this book but I'm just too lazy to do it, and here is it.



Sunday, March 4

Learning in Progress...

Hi hi hi Hello.
This is one of the pages of the book I love love love the most. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is a beginner of photography or the one who have been in touch with photography for years. Hmmmmm, want to know more? Stay tune.(actually, I feel like want to post all about this book, but I just too lazy to edit'em, so look forward for my next post if you are interested in this book, sorray.)

Hmmm, it's about 6 month being with my Dslr, between this 6 month, I learned a lot, and sometimes the craziest thought would cross my mind that I will become a photographer, I admit that photography is one of the biggest passion in my life but I'm not really good on it yet. At first, before I bought my Dslr, I didn't even  think about what kind of photo should I take, and many factors affecting me, keep changing me from A to Z then Z to T.......I feel really thankful to facebook and blogger. There are a lot of talented people out there, and these social website, provide us a way to connect with these guy. I never thought that I will get in love with shooting model, on facebook Ceavs Chua caugth my attention, he is quite famous actually, but I don't know him, I just knew that he was my art teacher's ex-student, his photography really fascinate me. Besides, Mandy also help me a lot, and influenced me in photography. She has her own unique style which no one can imitate, and inspired me to get my own style (not yet, but in progress,hehe). Elsie's blog also influenced me very much, she shared a lot of tips about photography, by the way, I love her blog so much!!!

These are other blogs which is inspiring:

Sincerely, Kinsey-- full of beautiful things
-Wonder Forest---DIY
DAYDREAMLILY--love this <3

xoxo, Hanna.

Thursday, March 1


Hi there, these are some pinkish little paper crane. Just came back from art class........

Drawing are like directing a movie, the protagonist is just one, the story line is unexpected, no matter what is the ending, it will always be criticized, and there will also have someone who is an enthusiast of it. 
Drawing are like managing a society, no matter how powerful you are, you must let them calm down, and lend you their ears so that you can demand them, so that you can express your idea and manage them.
                                                                                                                                    -Teoh Kaisuan-
                                                                                                                                     (my art teacher)

with this paper crane, wish you a happy afternoon, and I LOVE YOU.

xoxo, Hanna.
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