Saturday, March 31

A tired day with a tired heart with me to go through this tired life...

Hi, today is an exactly tired day which i couldn't even have a breathing space...............
And, did you see the bookmark there??? I made a lot for my friends, how kind am I!!! (just kidding xP)
I don't have even a minute to rest this couples of weeks........awwwwwwww, weekend also need to go to school, friday three tuition, morning, afternoon and night......saturday go to school to practice choral speaking and at night still have tuition class. And the most important is.... I don't even bother about the whole stack of homework that lying on my bed using their watering eyes staring at me facebook-ing....O-M-G!!!

 See how nice it turned out. hehe^^

 Spot the smiley face <3

I spend almost two days to do these bookmarks. Is it cute enough??? Do tell me which one you like the most, I'm so interested in knowing it.

My friends, hope you all will like it, and the smile on your face when you receive it is the most precious things in the world. love you <3 

By the way, I like the camera one the most...

xoxo, Hanna.

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