Saturday, May 26

Just bought a new lens_

Hi hi hi :)

Just bought a new lens...just an adapter for wide angle shooting, but I'm truly in love with it <3
Here are some photos of it. Just shooting around, hope you don't mind ^^

Nothing special, but I love those flares.
 Oh ya, another function of the lens is macro^^ love it so muchhh.

Sunday, May 20

Weekly Summary (Sunday)

Hello :)

Studying add math.
Listening to aniDa -- 和你一起的幸福.
Today's Bio paper totally gone. Hopeless.(How could i still be that optimistic? I just don't understand...)
Oh yay, Mark Zuckerberg is getting married.
I'm so full now T.T
OMG! Violin test is at 7th May!!!!!!!!
bla bla bla..........

Wednesday, May 16

I'm Back...

There have been such a long time that I was absent from here. I bet you know what had happen to me who is a typical student. Mid-year exam. Today I plays truant as the school is celebrating Teacher's Day...(speechless...) What the hell is this lar.... celebrating Teacher's Day during examination? ridiculous...

Anyway, first time sitting for exam that last more than two weeks. Make me feel sick. But I guess this is the most relaxing exam as we have too much time to study until we don't know what should be study and end up blogging xP

But think about the holiday, my tension are all gone.

Stop here. Tomorrow still need to sit for physic paper.

Bye^^ will be here again...soon :)
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