Sunday, January 29




Sunday, January 22

Jolie 罗晓韵

Hi. there had been a long time, I didn't update. Ok, today is Chinese New Year eve I want to wish you all a very Happy Chinese New Year!!! Let the firework light up our life and let's welcome a wonderful dragon year!!!
My absent here is not because I'm wasting my time on something useless, ok? I can say that if there is a holiday, normally, the only thing I'll do when i wake up is sitting in front of the computer untill midnight (about 2 am). Anyway, I'm not the kind of person who on facebook the whole day, and not the one who would play game all the time also. I just keep doing research about my favourite thing which is all about photography, painting, discover more photographer and I found a girl who is the one I want to be like. She have the same personality as me, nothing is better than meeting someone who have the same interest as you.

She is such a wonderful photographer. This is the first photograph by her which made me totally in love with. Look at the composition of this pic. As you know, I'm Eiffel Tower fans, moreover plus the sunlight there and plus the beauty there, really made me insanely enamored with this pic.
And the most important thing is that she is the model of this pic. What?! She took her camera and tripod everywhere, and capture down the moment herself.
She is the photographer.
She is the model.

At first, i can't believe the fact, because it's really incredible, that she can take a nearly flawless photo herself?? She travel everywhere, this is the similarity of her which i love the most.

Thursday, January 12

Diana F+ SLR Lens Adaptors

Oh my gosh, I'm really in love with this. Just now I saw this from Elsis's blog, you can now use Diana's signature effect on your dslr now with the new Diana F+ SLR Lens Adaptors!!! Just simply attach it to your Canon EOS camera or Nikon and you can get Diana's lomography effect. The best thing is that you can take as many photos as you want.  I want to have one!!!

travel to somewhere where no one know me...

Somehow, I have a totally insane idea that I want to pack my things now, and fly to somewhere, and travel alone for month. If I really can let everything go, I will do this. If I don't have to get my parent permission, if I don't have to go to school, if I don't have to continue my boring and uninteresting life, I will go to Paris.
As I mentioned, I'm a loyal fans of Eiffel Tower. hehe.
I forget when was I starting to have this thought to travel alone, maybe I was watching too many movie. But this is my dream. For me, travel alone is totally different from travel along with family. It maybe just a event if you travel with your family. And it is your own traveling, your own time to spend with yourself and to look at this world if you travel alone.

Wednesday, January 11

My new life being in upper form.....

Hey, my school teachers just started their lesson from yesterday,'s time to become a bad student, eating in the class, sleeping in the class, sembang in the class,and etc. 
Form 4 is all starting with new syllabus, completely different compare to Form 3, I've been thinking all day long that what if I can't handle all of these subjects? What if I fail in the exam? What if I can't get A+ in SPM? What if......
Uncountable what if, oh my goshhhhh, now I'm writing an essay, which I also don't know what am i writing, my English teacher is a woman who is now facing menopause, so... beware her..........

Switch topic~~~~
I think i've no time to practice my guitar and violin (but maybe... this is just my excuse), switching chord of guitar really is my weakness, so I really need to practice more and mo and more to make my teacher satisfied, haiz.

Oh ya! My sunflower blossom like a sun right now, hehe, playing in the wind.....
xoxo, Hanna.

Sunday, January 8


Hey guys, suddenly have this thought to play with moustache, hehe.
Chinese New Year is around the corner now but the atmosphere of this festival seem to be deteriorate year by year, I don't even feel a single excitement in my body. It's just like a gathering of family, nothing else more.
And I want to announce that my sweet sweet sixteen will be ruin by all those homework, tuition, boring school life, and uncountable examination. As I am in a girl school, of course those things between boy and girl will never happen, and there is nothing for me to care about this school, no event that make me happy....

Wednesday, January 4

I will become somebody someday.

I'm so thrilled when I saw the sunflower finally is going to be blossom. But still not yet.
Form 4 choices determine everything, form 4 play an important role in determine the way i choose in my future. This few days, our school invites a few profession speaker to our school to give us a talk about their career, such as doctor, engineer, lawyer, architect and accountant. I've make up my mind long ago that I want to be an architect. Too many reasons that urge me to become an architect. As i did a personality test which is given by school teacher yesterday, I'm more to art, so my career should be related to art too, and that is architect. Am I  too young to think about these things? I think nope. We should have our direction, so that we can reach our destination. I have a premonition that this year is a freaking busy year, oh my gosh!!!

Tuesday, January 3

Start a new year. Start a new life.

Hey guys,
This guy in the pic is my new love, say hi........HEHE, my new plant, since I don't have a suitable pot for this fella, I just simply use a glass, and just tie a ribbon on it so that it won't looks too dull.
By the way, i just add a follow icon of bloglovin, did I ever mentioned that I'm a fan of Eiffel Tower?
I'm starting to regret why was I so excited to go to school when I'm having such a sweet holiday?
Form 4 is a busy year, too many things to do, too many things to consider about, I have tuition the whole week except wednesday, maybe this can enrich my life? Maybe.
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