Monday, August 29

The weather is freakin cold !!!

Keep raining for a week. It is freakin cold here, if it continue raining, i think i can see my breath when i exhale.
Anyway, I love this weather compared to the hot weather...

So anxious that tmr im goin to Penang, wild imagination always cross my mind that i'll miss da bus, or my mum suddenly say she dont wan to go or ...something like that...
Still cant believe that i'll have my own DSLR. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
Soooooooo happy ^^

Have a nice day, my frienz.
And dont forget to enjoy da freakin cold weather :)

Sunday, August 28

in Love with this Songs

I'm indulged in this song. This is really really nice.
[Listen to Your Heart] by DHT

click this----you will be in love with it.






Friday, August 26

becoming_ PhoTograPHer___


So happy, tat im goin to buy a Dslr soon (hiak hiak). Can't wait for tuesday, goin to Penang for da biggest fair at North M'sia. Im planing to buy Nikon D3100, after doing some research, the price is reasonable and its quite gud. But seriously im an idiot of these stuff. Anyway, im tryin not to be after i get it, and playin around with it for a whole day, then make it my boyfriend. HAHA. I'll be in love with it...

Time, can you please move faster??? Hanna can't wait for Tuesday...

^^ The first time i ask TIME to move faster as usually i couldn't finish reading my book before exam xP

Lastly, end up with a cutie...

Thursday, August 18

Nice to meet ya.

Hi lovely one,

Nothing to do.

Tomorrow im goin to sleepover my frienz housy. It is her b'day.
Happy Birthday, Michelle :))))))
I think i'll gain 3kg after goin to her housy, da KFC, Mc Donald will fill my stomach till burst.
Anyway, look forward for tmr ^^

Wednesday, August 17


嗨! 亲爱的,



Tuesday, August 16



Don't freak out that i use french to say hello to you xP
I saw a sentence, I've been thinking so long, i could not think about the answer.
The question is: If you film your life into a movie, what title you will give it?

Sunday, August 14

My strange Favourite

Hi ladies and gentlemen :)

Lately, don't know why, but i'm addicted listening to French songs and German songs. I've been digging all Annett Louisan songs no matter new or old, and i just put all of it into my hp, pen drive till it BOOM!
Those slant is so nice and soft which is totally difference from US songs. I'm also in love with Kate & Ben songs, especially 'Ich lieb dich immer noch so sehr'. Ya, and also 'Das Beste' by Silbermond.  I love 'A Bitter Day' too, which is a korean song by Hyuna, but i hate the rap that cut in suddenly, it just ruin the whole song (this is my own opinion b'cus others didn't think so). 

Hopefully, i can buy a DSLR soon. I really really really need it, but my mum is just like others' mommy, she said: 'Don't think about those nonsense things, just focus on your studies!' 
But do you know, mommy? You are actually destroying my dream :P

Saturday, August 13

Jane Eyre

Hi cutie:)

I've been watching this movie [Jane Erye] minutes ago.

It's not an earth-shattering film, but when you  watching it alone you will fall into a sorrowfulness.
It didn't make me cry, but there is some invisible touch you will feel. The loneliness, loveless, those tragic stories happen on Jane. The colour of the film is full of sadness, the humble identity of Jane make me felt the terror in her heart. Her truthful, loyalty, and modest personality is woven throughout by Mia Wasikowska (a really hard to remember name). Actually I didn't touch the novel [Jane Eyre] before, I just saw this movie on a magazine, and i just being fascinated by the book's name which was already translated into Chinese--《简•爱》 which i think is really suitable to this story. A two hours movie and marvelously, i didn't fall asleep!!! This proved that this movie is quite worth to watch as i don't think i've been wasting my two hours for this movie.


My photograph. which is long long time ago, which i couldn't remember when is it.

Friday, August 12

How can It be

Hi my frienz,

How can those songs can call my tears out which is almost 'mildew'. My heart just like bumping all over the time, when i listen to those songs. Maybe everyone has a soft part in their heart, when its being touched, and nothing can disturb it anymore. But it is not lasting.

listen to this--to know what is the meaning of being touched

Thursday, August 11

Living Like a Girl

Hello sweeties :)

I've been relaxing these days, just b'cus trial is OVER! But pmr is not over yet. In trial, i think my results is not that bad, and it's quite good (i think).
Anyway, during these days, i'm watching the movie that i download like 'Hanna', 'The Lovely Bones' played by Saoirse Ronan (remember it's pronounced SEER-shuh), and also 'Jane Eyre' which i think is quite interesting movie, but i didn't download it yet, b'cus my internet connection is pretty freaking slow.
I'm a girl, but seriously, what actually should a girl do? I read a book one year ago, i think. A book which is quite inspiring, and i love that book. It's title is 'Princess Magical Charms', written by a korean but translate into mandarin. She said that she was not even know how to speak English, and she went to America alone, that's need a lot of courage, but she did it, and become a successful reporter.

A girl should go to a high class party, and drink some vine by using goblet.
A girl will buy well-known brand not because of the brand but b'cus of it comfortable.
Want to be a girl, be a beautiful girl, and be a princess.
That is what the book said.

I dream that maybe one day, i will travel all around the world alone, with my camera. That is my biggest dream, many ppl think that is ridiculous. Yesh, it is, but can u imagine the surprise u will get, the people u will meet are all unknown. I want to live like that, chat with a person who i'm not even know her/his name, get lost to a beautiful places, eat some disgusting food, shot the moment which i will remember to the end of my life, and this is why i want to travel alone, especially Europe. Paris, Edinburgh, Barcelona, ...

Just like them:

Loving her. Saoirse Ronan

Hi gorgeous,

I've been read an article about [atonement], so i just 'betraying' my heart that i should study because my trial is so close now. But i just can't wait to watch that brilliant movie.
It's about a thirteen years old young girl, saw something from the window, and thought that she understand everything, but she is not. She read a letter which she is not supposed to. And she lied, just because of her naiveness. She changed a man life and a girl life...
'Find you. Love you. Marry you. And live without shame.' This is what the guy said.
i'm in love with Saoirse Ronan, the girl who r acting in [atonement] as the thirteen years old girl i just mentioned. At first, i really don't know how to pronounce her name, i pronounce it as Sa-o-ris or whatever, and tat is ridiculous. The correct pronunciation is SEER-shuh. What a beautiful name!
She drowned me into her blue eyes.
She is so young but already received many awards, her acting skills is excellent. But the main reason i admire her is because of her unpretentious personality, she is not pretending at all, and she is beautiful from outside and inside, intelligence and successful.
Hello, she is just seventeen years old, and she is in hollyhood now.

click here---to be in love with her

Lastly, end up with Saoirse Ronan gorgeous pix^^

Bye my frienz, have a nice nice day.

Monday, August 1

i had learned

_Actually, i'd already learned to look beyond the imperfection, i learned how to--don't care to what others do to me, cuz they don't deserve to make me care about what they had done to make me feel discomfort._

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