Sunday, August 14

My strange Favourite

Hi ladies and gentlemen :)

Lately, don't know why, but i'm addicted listening to French songs and German songs. I've been digging all Annett Louisan songs no matter new or old, and i just put all of it into my hp, pen drive till it BOOM!
Those slant is so nice and soft which is totally difference from US songs. I'm also in love with Kate & Ben songs, especially 'Ich lieb dich immer noch so sehr'. Ya, and also 'Das Beste' by Silbermond.  I love 'A Bitter Day' too, which is a korean song by Hyuna, but i hate the rap that cut in suddenly, it just ruin the whole song (this is my own opinion b'cus others didn't think so). 

Hopefully, i can buy a DSLR soon. I really really really need it, but my mum is just like others' mommy, she said: 'Don't think about those nonsense things, just focus on your studies!' 
But do you know, mommy? You are actually destroying my dream :P

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