Saturday, August 13

Jane Eyre

Hi cutie:)

I've been watching this movie [Jane Erye] minutes ago.

It's not an earth-shattering film, but when you  watching it alone you will fall into a sorrowfulness.
It didn't make me cry, but there is some invisible touch you will feel. The loneliness, loveless, those tragic stories happen on Jane. The colour of the film is full of sadness, the humble identity of Jane make me felt the terror in her heart. Her truthful, loyalty, and modest personality is woven throughout by Mia Wasikowska (a really hard to remember name). Actually I didn't touch the novel [Jane Eyre] before, I just saw this movie on a magazine, and i just being fascinated by the book's name which was already translated into Chinese--《简•爱》 which i think is really suitable to this story. A two hours movie and marvelously, i didn't fall asleep!!! This proved that this movie is quite worth to watch as i don't think i've been wasting my two hours for this movie.

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