Monday, October 17


Mood become better already. That day, I just keep copy some inspired quotes from internet and found out that it's no point being like that. The fact will not change.
ok. Today just want to share with you a guy who I'm in love with. He is...............Nichkhun from 2pm.
Did you ever heard his name before. If you didn't, you are so OUT! (please don't mind, just kidding^^)
ok. The first time i heard about him is in the show--We Got Married. I didn't have any special feelings to him that time. Then, the story start from here.....
It's a sunny day, I'm so boring that I sat in front of the television, keep changing the channel. And then, out of the blue, pop out mv of Hands Up. put put put put put...I in the group of 6 cool guys, I only saw him--Nichkhun. And started to gave attention on him.
He was born in California but he is Thai-Chinese. At age of two, he moved to Thailand with his family.Then,
he was scouted by Park Jin Young, a K-pop singer and the producer of JYP Entertainment, at Los Angeles Korean Music Festival.
He is really cute and unpretentious and when he speak in English with his american accent. OMG, he is SEXY!!!


Love him when singing this song--don't wanna try.

Tuesday, October 11

It's me again

Hi, it's me again.
First time posting this many in one day.

Dont know was it be'cus of my down feelings, just a few words from my friend make me want to cry. She just say...go bath cool water...then go sleep...Just this few words touched me. I felt like want to say thank you, but I just dont dare to say it out. I know, she is trying to comfort me, and this few very very simple words can touch a person like this. This is what called FRIEND. You dont have to say sweet words, and i will know from your attitude, you are truly a good friend. And my tears is falling right now.
And my friend, I have a song for you.



PMR is over. But I......


You will not want to see my expression now. I myself also don't dare to see it. A face that has the mixture of happiness and is suffering. PMR is OVERRRRRRRR!!!!! YEAH!!!!
Normally, I should act like that, but I wanna cry be'cus I wrong 13 questions in my BC paper 1. From the beginning of the year, we are all making great efforts just to get 8A. I'm trying very hard to be positively thinking, but...... that is so hard. I wanna cry, but the tears don't know all run to where already??? That is a hard feeling.
As the saying is the most perfect place for one to express thosE bottled up feelings, yesh it is.
Do you have any idea to make people laugh like crazy??? If you have, send it for me. I really need those things, I shouldn't have this suck feelings. It just ruins all my plans and my holidays. AAAAAARRRHHHHHHH!!!

Saturday, October 8

——This girl is truly amazing_

Please watch this, you would never seen this situation before. She is truly amazing. Melanie Amaro.

Bruno Dayan--the photographer who gave me the creeps_

Want to share with you a photographer. I had goosebumps all over the first time I saw his photo. The magical atmosphere in her photo is just my type. I love that enchanted colour that could be found in his photography.
Bruno Dayan’s world of photography is sophisticated and glamorous, and his shots demonstrate a remarkable expertise when it comes to light and shadows. He has shown off his exceptional talent in his snaps for the Dior’s perfume Poison and Yves Saint Laurent’s Baby Doll as well as in his campaigns for Moschino and Louis Vuitton. Bruno Dayan’s work always captures sensual and graphic elements of his subjects that are very pleasing to the eye.--again. From google.
And this was the first photograph i saw, but at that time, i'm not even know that this was Bruno Dayan's photograph, I just know I like this so much. And i accidentally saw his biography on newspaper, and start to in love with him. Enjoy <3

Friday, October 7

Maybe I should start to change_

Lately, I love blogging very much. Looking at what I had post i had the sense of accomplishment. HAHA.
But today I'm not posting about biography of photographer, but I'm posting biography of myself.
Maybe you would think that what kind of person I am. And now I'm telling you that sometimes, I'm a really sucks person. I think everyone did this before, thinking about their demerit and starting to have the strength to change. And now...I'm starting. I'm person who love to talk about something like a very pro person, but I never did anything about it at all. We love to talk about others' bitchy attitude but not even ourselves. We read many books, we experienced more, but we portray ourselves just like a baby who don't know what is the right thing that should be done.

And I always said that I will upload a pic, but not even one could be seen in my blog. And now, I will start to change by doing what I had said.

Thursday, October 6

Nearly like a decade///

Welcome to here, my lovely one,
 Nearly a decade, I didn't update anything. And U know what is the problem is... PmR.

And today, I want to share some photographer that I admire with U. I'm still a beginner, so I need to learn from those professional person. Maybe I can copy their idea^^

First of all, there is a girl in Japan--Natsumi Hayashi.
Natsumi Hayashi loves to levitate. Always equipped with her Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Natsumi photographs herself floating around Tokyo.Lives in Tokyo with two cats.Photographs mainly levitating self-portraits (and cats not levitating).yowayowa is a Japanese term meaning.Using the aid of a simple tripod, the self-portraits are taken with a 10-second timer from a distance. all the poses are captured in mid-jump with no aid of a rigging system or photoshop. impossibly relaxed and composed, the floating subject injects a surreal atmosphere to the often normal set, rendering an image devoid of gravity or physics.What makes Natsumi’s photos so popular is her natural expression and pose which has you wondering if she’s actually floating. But the Japanese teen swears she’s no magician, so how does she do it? It’s actually very simple, and yet pretty complicated at the same time. As soon as she finds the perfect spot for her shot, Natsumi sets the self timer on her Canon EOS 5D Mark II, or asks a friend to press the shutter, and just starts jumping. Doesn’t sound very hard, but the young girl sometimes has to jump 300 times to get that one perfect levitation photo. --copied from google.

She is creative and that is what made her became famous. Want to know more about her? Check her page out.

I will post more photographer who had excellent skill of photography soon. 

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