Monday, October 17


Mood become better already. That day, I just keep copy some inspired quotes from internet and found out that it's no point being like that. The fact will not change.
ok. Today just want to share with you a guy who I'm in love with. He is...............Nichkhun from 2pm.
Did you ever heard his name before. If you didn't, you are so OUT! (please don't mind, just kidding^^)
ok. The first time i heard about him is in the show--We Got Married. I didn't have any special feelings to him that time. Then, the story start from here.....
It's a sunny day, I'm so boring that I sat in front of the television, keep changing the channel. And then, out of the blue, pop out mv of Hands Up. put put put put put...I in the group of 6 cool guys, I only saw him--Nichkhun. And started to gave attention on him.
He was born in California but he is Thai-Chinese. At age of two, he moved to Thailand with his family.Then,
he was scouted by Park Jin Young, a K-pop singer and the producer of JYP Entertainment, at Los Angeles Korean Music Festival.
He is really cute and unpretentious and when he speak in English with his american accent. OMG, he is SEXY!!!


Love him when singing this song--don't wanna try.

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