Friday, November 4

Hanging out with friends 2day~~~


Normally, when we said the word 'holiday', what is the scene that crosses your mind? Ya, i know, is something like everybody jump up, overwhelmed with joy and then is 'HOORAY'...But, the only thing i could imagine is boring. My holiday start now because i keep ponteng, HAHA, and i have been given a good chiding  by a teacher.
Anyway, today i'm hanging out with my friends to watch movie. At first, I really want to watch 'Real Steel' but it's too late so we decided to watch 'In Time'. Wow, this movie is superb, Justin Timberlake is stunning and Amanda Seyfried is gorgeous. Actually, i didn't realize that the girl who is starring in the film is Amanda, she looks so different, for me, she is always having a long, blond hair and the blue eyes which is always conspicuous, but in this film, she has a short red hair and i think this hairstyle suit her more, and her make up make her looks more gorgeous.And now, I would like to talk about the movie--'in time'(you knew that i like to talk about movie, isn't you?). The concept of this film is really awesome and cool. It's all about time, there are also some messages that is shown in that movie. In the world of the film, there is no money, all we have is time. People stop aging at 25, but is engineered to live only one more year. Rich person can live forever. Time is money, when time's out, you are dead. It's cool right? But what if you just left a second?

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