Saturday, November 5

Thank God for Photoshop_

Hi hi hi,
I'm so excited and I want to share with you something. Guess what?
Seriously, as I said, holiday is boring, so I should find something to do, everyday, when I wake up, the first thing to do is on computer (this is what teenage nowadays do), but still boring, facebook is boring, twitter is boring, tumblr is boring on. So, I'm being confused by photoshop, I don't really understand all the button inside photoshop, really confusing. I sit in front of the computer all day long just to study photoshop, it's hard for me.
Back to the topic, I created digital bokeh by using photoshop, OMG, it's it's...WOW!
this is it,

It's cute, right? HAHA.Still can't believe that i made it myself. If you want the tutorial, click here.

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