Friday, December 30

What you need is...


What is the missing one?

What I really need is three of this.

I want just a friend who can listen to me when i want to talk something, just like 李大仁 in 《我可能不会爱你》,someone like him, who know me well, who know everything of me, and who i can trust.

Sometimes, the most difficult thing is to conquest myself. The problem is ME.

And the last thing i need is confidence. Self-consciousness sometimes make me feel really terrible. I don't dare to talk to someone else, it's not shy, it's because i'm too, too unconfident.


Hey, today is the last day of 2011, I'm really happy this year, and learn a lot in this holiday, it's like i suddenly growing up, ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to write in chinese, thank you.

就好像,有时候如果有想做的事就马上做,其实并不难,就像减肥的事情,其实也没有想象中的难,还有摄影也一样,还有我发现,我好爱好爱我的家人。刚看完《我可能不会爱你》,我个人觉得超好看,三天一口气看完了,很真实的故事,没有像《醉后决定爱上你》那么不逻辑,也没有《恶作剧之吻》那么梦幻,很真实的故事,反而让人看了很舒服,好喜欢林依晨。。。对2o12好期待!!!!!!!!希望可以重新开始 (每年都说的话= =)


Monday, December 26

Went out shooting yesterday!!! WOOHOO!!!

Yesterday I'm really excited, I went out shooting with my frienzzy, I'm really satisfied, here they are:

Thanks to my model Ryeon and also my asistant shi xian, this is a really good opportunity for me to learn and get some experience. Happy^^
xo, H.

Sunday, December 25

What exactly should I do?


Saturday, December 24

Merry Xmas

Black eye circle again, my hair is a mess too. Anyway, Merry Xmas.
It's okay to alone, but do't be lonely XD

I'm not lonely, I'm alone.


Never regret something that once make you smile.

peace, H.

Thursday, December 22

How to get ready for my new life??

Hi sweetie,
Being given advises is a really wonderful thing, because it may be a very good opportunity to learn.
Today I talk to my art teacher all about photography, I always love these moment, which we can talk about our favourite topic with those who share the same things. And that is a flower in a dying process, I just add some vintage effect on it (which I create myself). Enjoy.

I'm not as pretty as I thought……



Study for 3 years, is just for today...

Hey <3

Today get my PMR result, good news, I get 8As, haha. Before getting the result, I cried like crazy. At first I thought although I get 7A's, I won't cry, because normally I won't cry that easily, but before get the result I cried already, cannot stop, and when taking photo, cry also, I wonder how ugly is that pic??? haha.

Tuesday, December 20

Weekly summary. Tuesday.

Hello there,
Had a crush on a photographer lately,
Scolded by guitar teacher because lack of practice,
Violin scales is damn suck,
Just left two days for PMR result,
Tuning into: 'Because of you' by Kelly Clarkson,
Improving my suck English by reading others' blog,
Gotta start another portrait again,
Someone said I became slimmer??
Wondering of transferring school...
Searching cute pix,
Have developed a new found love for DIY things,
Hope to get a Golden Retriever as my new friend,
Visit my Panda (a puppy) yesterday,

Some photos by one of my favourite photographer--Yanzi. Enjoy

Sunday, December 18

Let it snow, let it snow.....

Today I suppose to help my frienzy decorate X'mas tree. But my cousin suddenly came back, so... gotta cancel the decoration, mmmmmmm. My cousin just came back from korea, and bring me some souvenirs, korea is snowing now, I hope I'm there..........

Malaysia has no snow so....

1. Go to Google.
2. Type 'let it snow'
3. Wait and see the surprise.
4. You can touch the snow now.

Saturday, December 17

Shooting small stuff with cute background.

Today I found out another simple way to shoot cute small stuff. Instead of buying those fabric, we can just print out some cute background which is kinda looks like fabric.

Here are some sample photos.

Here are some background. Feel free to grab some here.




Thursday, December 15

Just enjoy the moment which make you feel not enjoy at all.

Hey pretties <3

Today my partner who are with me the whole day are just my violin and guitar. Just get my grade 5 violin exam pieces, awwwwwwww, they are so nice, but of course a bit tough lar. The first is Andante by Telemann and then is Petit air varie by Dancla, I really love the second piece, it needs the most expression and feeling in it, and the last one is For Latin Lover by Brian Chapple, I love this so much, its a song for latin dance, it give me a very strong feeling of aesthesis of the 18th century of european art.Wow.

Saw the cellophane tape there? its there is because of my stupidity to recognize the pitch

My stupid face.
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