Friday, September 30

Just Left four days more...

PMR is coming. And I feel sorry for myself b'cus I didn't take care of myself well. Im sick. Come back from tuition within 10 minutes just reached there. Feel liked want to vomit and keep emitting cold sweat. Called my mum to fetch me and went to Dr Lee clinic. Sit there and waiting, many people there, and I felt asleep, period pain, and everything like that came to me, felt really uncomfortable. But waiting, waiting, and waiting the nurse to call my name, feel better b'cus time had passed. And went inside, after checking. I felt even more better. Come back home, realized that this morning my mum give me the wrong medicine, the panadol only could be eaten one once, but she gave me two. That is why these …… happened. haiz.

Sunday, September 25

Today is a lovely Birthday_

Today is a lovely birthday, I received many present and blessing. The cake,the bracelet, the things that i wanted for a long time, and the precious love from my friends come to me all together today. There is someone who want me to believe that it is not illusion to become a director, maybe :)
Today is an ordinary day but my frienz made it extraordinary.
Thank kiev. my cute frienz.


Thursday, September 22


今天又在学校里与朋友看<Sherlock Holmes>

或许可以和位陌生人同床共枕,但隔天就说Bye Bye,各奔东西的那种感觉,

Tuesday, September 20

Here I Am

I'm just standing beside you. I never say anything to you, but did you know that the place of u in my heart? As a typical Malaysian or just say as a typical Chinese, we won't ever say a word like' I Love u' to anybody. That is why sometimes, we felt regret but we didn't dare to say it out. If you see this post (don't look right and left, yup, its YOU.) If you are my friends, and if you visit this blog, I wan't to say that you are important as you are a friend of mine, no matter who u r, there must be somethings i can learn from you. and Thank You for everything.
Sometimes, we met some person who is inspiring, maybe he/she is a successful person, or your parents, or someone around you, learn from them, they had some unnerving experience, and they had overcome it, and we are just a newbie to learn how to live, and when we meet some TINY TINY problem, we will amplify it, and start crying at night, in the toilet, use almost a gulung of tissue paper and keep crying and think that it was cute (and that is me xP).

Bye B. Stop crying, and don't think it is cute, you just make your make up worn out and you looked ugly. EEEWWWW

Sunday, September 18




Wednesday, September 14

Time is passing……

Getting pass of my violin examination. Can't believe that i gt merit, b'cus I really done it badly. Anyway, I'm so happy.
Pmr is getting nearer and nearer, and I'm still here, blogging xP

There is no interesting movie lately, so i'm BORING. Reading others blog and start to have some strange feeling, as I'm growing up. Start to have some discipline and start to thinking about others. Majority of my frienz  have BF. Yup, they have boyfriendsssssss. For me, its not that necessary. It sound awkward, but some of them think that they can't live without a BF……

Anyway, don't wan to talk about this topic ady. Switch to another topic that I'm goin to Medan, Indonesia in the coming October (not so anxious). The Lake Toba is quite beautiful and picturesque. That is the only place that I wish to be there.

 Lastly, end up with a song……

remember to smile no matter what happen to you.
when you are crying, give a smile to yourself, it may change something.
this is the way i comfort myself, try it :)

Thursday, September 1




难道你没有看见 看见我对你的好……



Hi my frienz,

I've already bought a Dslr couple days ago, and i'm so so soooo in love with it. I'm just playin around with it this few days in Penang, and was wasting time.

Somehow, i would feel a heady mixture of desire and fear (that is all because of the stupid PMR). What is the 'desire' for? Of course is the Dslr lah. Gonna wait for the stupid PMR to over, that means still have 1 month to wait like a noobie, study like a noobie, and act like a noobie. Awwwww, i hate this!!!

Anyway, the Dslr is like an inspiration for me to keep studying as i promised my parents to get 8A in order to get my lover--Dslr. Although i've already got it, but im a trustworthy person who will always keep my words (please forgive me for my narcissistic personality, HAHA), so i should keep it behind my mind first and focus on study.

Maybe you will shocked that i've already shoot thousand of photos in these two days, HAHA. I will upload it after PMR.

Bye my frienz, still have so so sooooo many works to do. See ya.
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