Thursday, September 1


Hi my frienz,

I've already bought a Dslr couple days ago, and i'm so so soooo in love with it. I'm just playin around with it this few days in Penang, and was wasting time.

Somehow, i would feel a heady mixture of desire and fear (that is all because of the stupid PMR). What is the 'desire' for? Of course is the Dslr lah. Gonna wait for the stupid PMR to over, that means still have 1 month to wait like a noobie, study like a noobie, and act like a noobie. Awwwww, i hate this!!!

Anyway, the Dslr is like an inspiration for me to keep studying as i promised my parents to get 8A in order to get my lover--Dslr. Although i've already got it, but im a trustworthy person who will always keep my words (please forgive me for my narcissistic personality, HAHA), so i should keep it behind my mind first and focus on study.

Maybe you will shocked that i've already shoot thousand of photos in these two days, HAHA. I will upload it after PMR.

Bye my frienz, still have so so sooooo many works to do. See ya.

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