Wednesday, February 22


Hi, I have some concern lately, I WANT TO BE HARDWORKING!!!  
My homework at school are able suffocate me already, plus my tuition homework really make me have a megahead. I always opted the laziest option--no need to do homework. But look at all my classmates did their homework that neat and complete, make me feel like I'm so useless. I become lazier and lazier as days past. I don't even practice my violin, omg! Anyway, I'm here to let out my tension.

Here are some try with photoshop


Hmmmmm...........which one do you like more? I edit it to gain some pinkish effect and create some dreamy feelings. Am I succeed?
I'm now in the process of learning, so I really love to change the tone of a photo, I can do this for a whole day. hehe^^

ps: this photo is not shot by me. I just try on some effect on it.

xoxo, Hanna.

Thursday, February 16

New Header, hehe.

Working on the whole day, finally......... new header is done.

The Dream Catcher Doubt

Hey, exam is over!!!
Actually my time is not that packed, but I just keep grumbling that I've no time to do the thing I love. I truly wish I had time to dedicate myself to my drawing, shooting and reading but I haven't yet get rid of my bad habit of keep saying that I've no time.

I make a note book about my dream, kinda like a diary, but also a corner where i compiling my ideas and some inspired things. I've been a bit sentimental lately, and I love words, which help me to get into a whimsical world.

I record the journey of my dream. Every single step I take, every small changes in my mind, I take it down. I found out that there are still some naive and childish element in my mind, but I'm getting older and older, these element seem to be hidden deep down in some invisible corner.

Somehow I would think about a girl's fate. Is it a girl is born to marry and have children, and end up taking care of children and husband the entire life? I can't accept this fact, how can a person does not has a dream and does not put in any effort in anything and just sit there to wait for the man to marry? (Am I thinking the way that is completely not matching my age?)

I have a dream, and I am clear about that not every dream will come true, but at least I've try my best once to accomplish it, so that I won't regret.

When I am younger, I believed in myself that I will become the one I want to be one day, undoubtedly. But as  time passing, confidence seem to be worn out. Reality make things become hideous and plain. But if its still some innocent thought in your mind, remember to lock it in somewhere where reality will never find out.

xoxo, Hanna.

Tuesday, February 14


Seem like it had been a very very long time I'm not up here. Busying with my school stuff, my sweet sixteen seem like is a mind torturing process, just in a more proper way. My blog is so disorder compared to other blogger, so I will do some homework after exam.

xo, Hanna.
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