Wednesday, February 22


Hi, I have some concern lately, I WANT TO BE HARDWORKING!!!  
My homework at school are able suffocate me already, plus my tuition homework really make me have a megahead. I always opted the laziest option--no need to do homework. But look at all my classmates did their homework that neat and complete, make me feel like I'm so useless. I become lazier and lazier as days past. I don't even practice my violin, omg! Anyway, I'm here to let out my tension.

Here are some try with photoshop


Hmmmmm...........which one do you like more? I edit it to gain some pinkish effect and create some dreamy feelings. Am I succeed?
I'm now in the process of learning, so I really love to change the tone of a photo, I can do this for a whole day. hehe^^

ps: this photo is not shot by me. I just try on some effect on it.

xoxo, Hanna.

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