Tuesday, September 20

Here I Am

I'm just standing beside you. I never say anything to you, but did you know that the place of u in my heart? As a typical Malaysian or just say as a typical Chinese, we won't ever say a word like' I Love u' to anybody. That is why sometimes, we felt regret but we didn't dare to say it out. If you see this post (don't look right and left, yup, its YOU.) If you are my friends, and if you visit this blog, I wan't to say that you are important as you are a friend of mine, no matter who u r, there must be somethings i can learn from you. and Thank You for everything.
Sometimes, we met some person who is inspiring, maybe he/she is a successful person, or your parents, or someone around you, learn from them, they had some unnerving experience, and they had overcome it, and we are just a newbie to learn how to live, and when we meet some TINY TINY problem, we will amplify it, and start crying at night, in the toilet, use almost a gulung of tissue paper and keep crying and think that it was cute (and that is me xP).

Bye B. Stop crying, and don't think it is cute, you just make your make up worn out and you looked ugly. EEEWWWW

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