Saturday, October 8

Bruno Dayan--the photographer who gave me the creeps_

Want to share with you a photographer. I had goosebumps all over the first time I saw his photo. The magical atmosphere in her photo is just my type. I love that enchanted colour that could be found in his photography.
Bruno Dayan’s world of photography is sophisticated and glamorous, and his shots demonstrate a remarkable expertise when it comes to light and shadows. He has shown off his exceptional talent in his snaps for the Dior’s perfume Poison and Yves Saint Laurent’s Baby Doll as well as in his campaigns for Moschino and Louis Vuitton. Bruno Dayan’s work always captures sensual and graphic elements of his subjects that are very pleasing to the eye.--again. From google.
And this was the first photograph i saw, but at that time, i'm not even know that this was Bruno Dayan's photograph, I just know I like this so much. And i accidentally saw his biography on newspaper, and start to in love with him. Enjoy <3

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