Friday, October 7

Maybe I should start to change_

Lately, I love blogging very much. Looking at what I had post i had the sense of accomplishment. HAHA.
But today I'm not posting about biography of photographer, but I'm posting biography of myself.
Maybe you would think that what kind of person I am. And now I'm telling you that sometimes, I'm a really sucks person. I think everyone did this before, thinking about their demerit and starting to have the strength to change. And now...I'm starting. I'm person who love to talk about something like a very pro person, but I never did anything about it at all. We love to talk about others' bitchy attitude but not even ourselves. We read many books, we experienced more, but we portray ourselves just like a baby who don't know what is the right thing that should be done.

And I always said that I will upload a pic, but not even one could be seen in my blog. And now, I will start to change by doing what I had said.

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