Tuesday, October 11

PMR is over. But I......


You will not want to see my expression now. I myself also don't dare to see it. A face that has the mixture of happiness and is suffering. PMR is OVERRRRRRRR!!!!! YEAH!!!!
Normally, I should act like that, but I wanna cry be'cus I wrong 13 questions in my BC paper 1. From the beginning of the year, we are all making great efforts just to get 8A. I'm trying very hard to be positively thinking, but...... that is so hard. I wanna cry, but the tears don't know all run to where already??? That is a hard feeling.
As the saying goes...blog is the most perfect place for one to express thosE bottled up feelings, yesh it is.
Do you have any idea to make people laugh like crazy??? If you have, send it for me. I really need those things, I shouldn't have this suck feelings. It just ruins all my plans and my holidays. AAAAAARRRHHHHHHH!!!

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