Thursday, August 11

Loving her. Saoirse Ronan

Hi gorgeous,

I've been read an article about [atonement], so i just 'betraying' my heart that i should study because my trial is so close now. But i just can't wait to watch that brilliant movie.
It's about a thirteen years old young girl, saw something from the window, and thought that she understand everything, but she is not. She read a letter which she is not supposed to. And she lied, just because of her naiveness. She changed a man life and a girl life...
'Find you. Love you. Marry you. And live without shame.' This is what the guy said.
i'm in love with Saoirse Ronan, the girl who r acting in [atonement] as the thirteen years old girl i just mentioned. At first, i really don't know how to pronounce her name, i pronounce it as Sa-o-ris or whatever, and tat is ridiculous. The correct pronunciation is SEER-shuh. What a beautiful name!
She drowned me into her blue eyes.
She is so young but already received many awards, her acting skills is excellent. But the main reason i admire her is because of her unpretentious personality, she is not pretending at all, and she is beautiful from outside and inside, intelligence and successful.
Hello, she is just seventeen years old, and she is in hollyhood now.

click here---to be in love with her

Lastly, end up with Saoirse Ronan gorgeous pix^^

Bye my frienz, have a nice nice day.

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