Thursday, August 11

Living Like a Girl

Hello sweeties :)

I've been relaxing these days, just b'cus trial is OVER! But pmr is not over yet. In trial, i think my results is not that bad, and it's quite good (i think).
Anyway, during these days, i'm watching the movie that i download like 'Hanna', 'The Lovely Bones' played by Saoirse Ronan (remember it's pronounced SEER-shuh), and also 'Jane Eyre' which i think is quite interesting movie, but i didn't download it yet, b'cus my internet connection is pretty freaking slow.
I'm a girl, but seriously, what actually should a girl do? I read a book one year ago, i think. A book which is quite inspiring, and i love that book. It's title is 'Princess Magical Charms', written by a korean but translate into mandarin. She said that she was not even know how to speak English, and she went to America alone, that's need a lot of courage, but she did it, and become a successful reporter.

A girl should go to a high class party, and drink some vine by using goblet.
A girl will buy well-known brand not because of the brand but b'cus of it comfortable.
Want to be a girl, be a beautiful girl, and be a princess.
That is what the book said.

I dream that maybe one day, i will travel all around the world alone, with my camera. That is my biggest dream, many ppl think that is ridiculous. Yesh, it is, but can u imagine the surprise u will get, the people u will meet are all unknown. I want to live like that, chat with a person who i'm not even know her/his name, get lost to a beautiful places, eat some disgusting food, shot the moment which i will remember to the end of my life, and this is why i want to travel alone, especially Europe. Paris, Edinburgh, Barcelona, ...

Just like them:

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