Sunday, January 22

Jolie 罗晓韵

Hi. there had been a long time, I didn't update. Ok, today is Chinese New Year eve I want to wish you all a very Happy Chinese New Year!!! Let the firework light up our life and let's welcome a wonderful dragon year!!!
My absent here is not because I'm wasting my time on something useless, ok? I can say that if there is a holiday, normally, the only thing I'll do when i wake up is sitting in front of the computer untill midnight (about 2 am). Anyway, I'm not the kind of person who on facebook the whole day, and not the one who would play game all the time also. I just keep doing research about my favourite thing which is all about photography, painting, discover more photographer and I found a girl who is the one I want to be like. She have the same personality as me, nothing is better than meeting someone who have the same interest as you.

She is such a wonderful photographer. This is the first photograph by her which made me totally in love with. Look at the composition of this pic. As you know, I'm Eiffel Tower fans, moreover plus the sunlight there and plus the beauty there, really made me insanely enamored with this pic.
And the most important thing is that she is the model of this pic. What?! She took her camera and tripod everywhere, and capture down the moment herself.
She is the photographer.
She is the model.

At first, i can't believe the fact, because it's really incredible, that she can take a nearly flawless photo herself?? She travel everywhere, this is the similarity of her which i love the most.

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