Thursday, January 12

travel to somewhere where no one know me...

Somehow, I have a totally insane idea that I want to pack my things now, and fly to somewhere, and travel alone for month. If I really can let everything go, I will do this. If I don't have to get my parent permission, if I don't have to go to school, if I don't have to continue my boring and uninteresting life, I will go to Paris.
As I mentioned, I'm a loyal fans of Eiffel Tower. hehe.
I forget when was I starting to have this thought to travel alone, maybe I was watching too many movie. But this is my dream. For me, travel alone is totally different from travel along with family. It maybe just a event if you travel with your family. And it is your own traveling, your own time to spend with yourself and to look at this world if you travel alone.

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