Wednesday, January 4

I will become somebody someday.

I'm so thrilled when I saw the sunflower finally is going to be blossom. But still not yet.
Form 4 choices determine everything, form 4 play an important role in determine the way i choose in my future. This few days, our school invites a few profession speaker to our school to give us a talk about their career, such as doctor, engineer, lawyer, architect and accountant. I've make up my mind long ago that I want to be an architect. Too many reasons that urge me to become an architect. As i did a personality test which is given by school teacher yesterday, I'm more to art, so my career should be related to art too, and that is architect. Am I  too young to think about these things? I think nope. We should have our direction, so that we can reach our destination. I have a premonition that this year is a freaking busy year, oh my gosh!!!

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