Sunday, March 4

Learning in Progress...

Hi hi hi Hello.
This is one of the pages of the book I love love love the most. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is a beginner of photography or the one who have been in touch with photography for years. Hmmmmm, want to know more? Stay tune.(actually, I feel like want to post all about this book, but I just too lazy to edit'em, so look forward for my next post if you are interested in this book, sorray.)

Hmmm, it's about 6 month being with my Dslr, between this 6 month, I learned a lot, and sometimes the craziest thought would cross my mind that I will become a photographer, I admit that photography is one of the biggest passion in my life but I'm not really good on it yet. At first, before I bought my Dslr, I didn't even  think about what kind of photo should I take, and many factors affecting me, keep changing me from A to Z then Z to T.......I feel really thankful to facebook and blogger. There are a lot of talented people out there, and these social website, provide us a way to connect with these guy. I never thought that I will get in love with shooting model, on facebook Ceavs Chua caugth my attention, he is quite famous actually, but I don't know him, I just knew that he was my art teacher's ex-student, his photography really fascinate me. Besides, Mandy also help me a lot, and influenced me in photography. She has her own unique style which no one can imitate, and inspired me to get my own style (not yet, but in progress,hehe). Elsie's blog also influenced me very much, she shared a lot of tips about photography, by the way, I love her blog so much!!!

These are other blogs which is inspiring:

Sincerely, Kinsey-- full of beautiful things
-Wonder Forest---DIY
DAYDREAMLILY--love this <3

xoxo, Hanna.

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