Sunday, November 13

Sharing is Happiness

Hello there!
Trying to share something with you guys again. Maybe you will know me well after reading my blog for a long time, but sometimes of course we had kinda habit of typing something we would want to post or say, and then use the backspace again just in case...maybe we scared about the judging of others or for some reason, I believe that somehow we would be like that, aren't we? So, is it a bad habit of unconsciousness and pretentious? Maybe, but i often do this. So, you can't really know me well through this blog, I'm just putting the thing which I think is most perfect, which is most acceptable, and after filtering. For more information, my English is just sucks, some of the reason for me to keep blogging is to improve my English, honestly.

Sorry, I always ran out of topic, I want to share with you some photos which is not shot by me, but which inspire me a lot and which i really love, hope you like i too. Enjoy.

This photo just give me a strange feelings, there must be some story inside it.

You like this? mmmm...this is just my type. haha.

You saw that? When I saw this photo, I was just petrified, look at the angle, such a beautiful angle <3

Underwater shooting, huh? Coooool. I've been considering about underwater shooting but, of course camera need underwater housing. The price is know. This girl posture is just gorgeous.

Oh my god, this is truly amazing!!! I really like this. The surreal feelings.

cozy. cozy. Is also my favorite.

I like this girl. A fragile girl. I also love her black eye circle. The pain in her eye is just enchanting.

Window is always my love. Always.

Fragile again. Love this.

Don't you think this girl looks a lot like fairy?

This pic give me the feelings of 那些年

xoxo (learn this from gossip girl). H.

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