Monday, December 5



I've been crying for about 4 or 5 times from yesterday.
Not something misfortune happened to me, I cried because of movie.

Yesterday I watch [那些年 我们一起追的女孩] and [海洋天堂/Ocean Heaven]Wow, just telling you that Ocean Heaven is a very touching and incredible movie, the value of a movie can be measured by how much tears you can give to it, and Ocean Heaven make it. It is about the greatness of love of a daddy, omg i cried not just once when watching the movie, almost 2 or 3 times...Just don't miss out something worth to watch.
And today, I watch an anime, it is a movie, named [意外的幸运签/colourful]. I don't know why some adults are thinking that we are so childish watching anime, hello, this is not childish, we just want to know the story, you just don't know how to appreciate it, sometimes anime storyline is better than a live version movie.
ok, this movie make me cry too. It is a really attractive movie, you will learn a lesson, to appreciate what are you having right now, and the charactor is cute too. I don't want to tell you the story, just watch it yourself, and you will in love with it.

Here are some sketch I drew yesterday, just a free sketch i drew when i'm really boring and waiting for the movie to load so ... here is it.

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