Saturday, December 3


3 posts a day, huh?

WOW, 3 posts???!!!

Anyway, I change my post title font already.

Today, I quit my job of being a teacher. If you really can't carry it on, just let it go, you would feel better, if you want to do something, just put everything on your hands down, and do it, the feelings is superb, although it is just a stupid thing. Just turn off your hesitate feeling, do anything you want to, just like me^^ When you are hesitating, then you find the courage to make the decision, the feeling is cool. For example, when  I'm eating something delicious, I'm full, but I don't know whether I should throw it or keep eating, I would gain weight, but if i throw it, it is a bit wasted and it's looks yummy. hesitating, hesitating, hesitating........Just throw it away, and i feel relieved, you know the feeling right?

Time to say goodbye, today is too much. BB.

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