Thursday, December 8

It is time to create a better version of......ME.


I've already done my goal list, you? Just keep it as a secret, or else it will not be achieved.
How to create a better version??? Photoshop? Nooo way.

Let make a summary of this year.

In this year, I started to know how to live like a girl, knowing what is happiness, what should I do, and understood what is reality, and be clearer about my choice, to head to in future. I was wasting too much time on something didn't worth for it. I was too care about other's perspective, I didn't even care about myself. I like to act like somebody else, who is actually not me. I cried for nothing. I realized the importance of time just in the night before exam. I didn't said 'i love you' to my parents at all. I done something stupid and I knew it. I become stronger mentally. I found is time to make some changes...

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