Tuesday, November 8

Just enjoyed a 'Live Concert'. Maybe better than that.

HI sweetie,
Today I'm having my second guitar lesson, whoa, it was cool, just to say that my teacher is... Sorry, I;m poor in words to describe him. His skills is WHOA. Anything you want, and he just can play it out, and you know? He play canon in D in a rock and roll style. Oh My Goodness, you should have see it, it was really awesome, better than concert, really. And when he play sad song, your tears maybe drop just in a second(but actually, I didn't drop any), there is feelings inside the music, actually music is just my pastime, I don't really putting too much effort into it, but today, I saw the colors of music, just like Pocohuntas saw the colors of the wind, HAHA. And today, teacher give me the music score of White Horse by Taylor Swift. Woo, that was really cool.
Watch This.

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