Thursday, December 1

Past...will just remain as memory.


Past will just remain as memory, so, cherish the moment you are having right now, and do something you will not regret with...

Just came back from Genting. Really having happy hour there with my friend, her sisters, brother, and her bro's friend, really happy^^ Not taking much photo because, you know, had to play those game then the camera became a burden. Felt regret to bring that big heavy DSLR bag. And because of that bag, I couldn't even play the kart, then i just sat there like an idiot and wait for them to play. And then we check in to hotel, then i became smart place all the bag inside the hotel then play again. HAHA. The funniest thing is we use RM9 to buy a 'fake paper pizza', this is what i named it. Later you will see the photo. When we take the pizza photo, everyone is staring at us, and we keep laughing, you wouldn't know how thin is it, 0.01mm? Maybe, the indian family sit beside us also keep laughing, they said it was a fake pizza and luckily they didn't buy. The waiter also staring at us, so ashamed lo. Many story, but I'm lazy. So, let some photo help me to say some story^^
A photo taken when I'm waiting for them to play the kart.
Don't know why, but I love this clown, he is cute. 
The fake pizza, haha, sorray, not that clear.

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