Saturday, December 3

Sometimes My Brain Cannot Function Well...

Just a short story here, I recalled just now.

At 30 November, when I'm at Genting, we take a short nap after check in the hotel, and I was hesitating whether want to remove my contact lenses or not, because we just want to take a short nap, finally, I decided to remove it. We planned to sleep for just about half an hour, then when I woke up, it's already passed an hour, then I was like very dizzy, walked like a zombie into the toilet, I also didn't know how my brain function, i wore only my right contact lens then I go to bed again, I think my friend's bro is already waited us too long so they come and press doorbell, then we just go out like that, and when my brain get clearer, some voices in brain telling me I forgot to wore another contact lens and I found out I forgot to bring out my jacket too. The breeze was freezing, so I ran to my hotel again then I found out again that my right contact lens was not in my eye, and I just pick my spec and my jacket and leave the hotel. At night, when we get back to our room, I found out that my right contact lens was on the floor.

The fact is, I didn't wore the right lens, I just drop it on the floor and I thought I wore it, then why am I didn't wear the left lens? Don't ask me, ask my brain.


This is the most fuckin crazy lame story I've ever been in.

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