Wednesday, November 23

Nothing Is Easy.

This pic is shot in a cozy coffee shop in Medan.

This post is written when the writer (me) condition is not that good.
Haiz, please be ready for my grumble. OMG, being a teacher is a really tough job, ok, first of all, you cannot scold the student at all, this is a tradition of this decade, secondly, you have to be very patience or else...just like me, you know me right? Although is just doing a complicated math question, I would rather tear the paper. It is just a Hokkien word to  describe this situation, gek ki.

Every night before I close my eyes, I would always think how to teach that kid (actually, he is my cousin, 10 year old)? I have been trying out for every solution. But still cannot, if I already do my best, it is all depends on him whether he want or not. He is not stupid but he just don't want to try. But his case is kinda serious. He can make a sentence but in the sentence i don't know what he was writing, the spelling is all wrong, but when I asked him to read he can read a complete sentence for me. The 'take' word he wrote became 'tik' and 'very' to 'wiwaw', I don't know what is his problem. The conclusion is, he really love the word 'W', everything also w. The worst is, he don't even know how to spell 'pizza', this is serious, he always went to Pizza Hut, but he don't know how to spell 'pizza'?! When I asked him, he said 'pi...j...'.

Maybe I'll stop here, tomorrow gotta face him again. Anyway, I will do my best, it's a good experience too, and a task for my life.


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