Monday, November 21

Maybe I should get some pocket money from myself.

Hey, today I become a teacher for my cousin, his mother said his result was not that good, so now is holiday,she want me to teach him something. But, I'm not experienced, I've no idea on how to teach him. I didn't expect that this morning he would come, as you know, if the hour hand didn't point to 10 or 11, I'll not leave my bed. Then when I woke up, OMG, nevermind, nevermind. I just taught him to finish his holiday's homework. And then, continued playing my computer. I'm not really know that is it I can get some fees of being teacher, or I just be a volunteer to spare my time teaching a kid? I don't know. But I need money!!! Then the story of me being teacher ENDS.
I have a new found love for reading others blog, hehe^^.
Do you see the picture above there? That is a long time ago photo which i capture in Medan. I realized that blogging with no pic is too lame, so i decided to put a photo here. No new photo, sorray, I already ask my friend to come to my house to be my model, but everyone is too busy, self-portrait is not that fun. Holiday is just boring, after a few days, my driver (my mum) will not be at home, so I cannot go anywhere already. Just going skating, couples days ago, and bake some cupcakes at my friend's bakery, then nothing special, can i hit 45kg in this holiday? The fact is in holiday, more food for me to eat, less exercise for to do, and that's it.

xoxo, H.

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