Friday, November 25

Happy Becoming Birthday, S.

Annyeong haseyO,

Today is 26 November is it? So, just left 8 days more. This is a present for Shireen mida. If you see this, shhhhhh, please don't tell her, I post here because I know she will not read my blog. I know it is a bit weird, but I draw this for day and night, you know? See the cola there, she love cola, she can drink 3 bottle once, beware of diabetes, Shireen. I don't have a tablet, so the result is not that good. I saw some awesome digital illustration from Chee Hoe's profile on facebook, so I was just thinking to give her a extraordinary present but not base on materialism, so I drew this ugly cartoon, sorry, I didn't mean to pollute your eyesight. Every year I didn't give her any present or wishes, because, you know, it is 4th of December, it is holiday, no one is thinking about her, sorray. And another cutie here.

I bought this couple days ago, it's not an expensive stuff, but just cute, I saw this, and shireen's face appeared in my mind, so I bought it for her.

Cute bear bear here. Hope you'll like it <3

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